Monday, June 02, 2008

Aunt Morgan is here!!!

Aunt Morgan made it on Sunday afternoon. She brought new clothes for Presley! They are working hard to possibly get Presley's passport by Wednesday. If that is possible, then we might be able to leave Saturday if there is a flight available. I will let you know as soon as I find out. We are heading out in a couple of minutes for the city wall. Things are better now that Morgan is here. I have someone to help me carry the stroller up and down all the stairs!!


Heather said...

Hurrah! You have help and you're not alone there any more. I've been worried. Looks like she likes the hair bows just fine, that should help her feel prettier until her hair grows out and then she can really go bow and head accessory crazy!
take care of your little smiler
Heather BT

Amy said...

Amy, I'm so glad your sister is there. You can not make the papers move any faster so you might as well enjoy the special bonding time you are having. I sure wish I saw even one smile like that from Sarah in China. It took us months to see that kind of joy! Thank God you have such a sweetheart for a daughter!

Anonymous said...

Presley is so cute. Looks like you have a tall girl also. My Kate is tall and we always joke that she is going to be a supermodel some day to take care of mom.

Susan and Kate
Tampa fl

marianne said...

WHAT A BABE SHE IS!!!!!!!!! Presley is so gorgeous! Wow I am so glad you have Morgan there and am sure it will be a precious time with your daughter and sister together! When you get home you will be in such demand that Presley will have to share- she has waited for you aand you are here now- let her have momma to herself probably for the last time for a while!
Marianne in idaho

Jana said...

Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!! She's such a doll baby and she looks so happy already! I will keep you, Lexi, and your family in my prayers. You must be emotionally exhausted, but you have a lot of people cheering you on. Blessings as you travel.

Anonymous said...

She is so cute! I can't wait to get to meet her. Have fun on the rest of your trip

Anonymous said...

I'm so thankful to have all three of my girls together! Presley looks like she is enjoying every minute of it. I'll be so glad just to get my arms around her when you'll come home. Miss you bunches Love Mom

Ellie said...

your mom made me cry . . . you are all beautiful! enjoy your time in China.

big hugs from Australia,


Holly said...

Amy! Is everyone in your family as gorgeous as you and your sister are?? But, you are both far outshone by Presley! (You knew that) ENJOY your time together. Take LOTS of pictures!! Love from Colorado, Holly (your CHIWC friend and mom of 3 from Jiangxi)

My2Blessings said...

What a beutiful family you have :)
Presley is just as cute as a little button...her little eyes just shine along with her mischevious grin :) It's wonderful that your sweet Lexi will get the help she needs and that your family has a new little one to LOVE! Best wishes and enjoy the time in China with your sis and having precious alone time with Presley!

Mom to my amazing Luke
home 5-20-04 from Nanning, Guangxi

Geneve said...

Amy - Presley is adorable! What a wonderful smile! I can't believe what a rollercoaster this has been for you. But I'm glad things are working out so well.

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  • 10/29/2007 - PA (pre-approval) was issued!!
  • 1/15/2008 - DTC (dossier to China)
  • 1/18/2008 - Dossier delivered to CCAA
  • 1/25/2008 - LID (log-in date)
  • 4/1/2008 - LOA (letter of acceptance)
  • 4/25/2008 - CCAA issues TA (travel approval)
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