Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Surgery completed!!

The surgery is over and she looks great!! I contemplated whether or not to put pictures up of her, as I don't want anything to hurt her possible adoption. But I emailed someone at LWB and they thought it would be okay if I didn't include any of her information. So I went way back and deleted her Chinese name etc. I so wanted to share her adorable pictures with you all! The first two were taken at the hospital and the last one was taken at her care facility. In the first picture of her sleeping, she looks JUST like Presley!! Thank you all for your prayers!!

Presley's "Other Side!!!"

Presley isn't all smiles all the time!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Lexi is getting her surgery....possibly right now!!!

I got an email tonight from someone at Love Without Boundaries saying that Lexi (her Chinese name is Jia) is getting her surgery tomorrow. Since it is now 12:30 in the afternoon in China, she is getting it sometime tonight or maybe it is already done!!

You can see an update of the kids that had their surgeries on Monday on the LWB blog at http://lwbblog.com/. Click on "Update on the kids Day One." We should see Lexi's (Jia's) pictures there tomorrow!!

If you are the praying type, please pray for sweet little Lexi!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008

How to Feed a Presley

Start with 1 clean, dry Presley. Hunger is not a necessity.
Add 1 bowl of cereal, any type will do. Pictured is a kid-tested, mother-approved kind.
Add 1 spoon. The plastic kind with the little holes in the bottom work best for Presleys so the food sticks to the spoon.
Sit back and watch as your Presley goes in for a scoop....
And comes up with a spoonful!!

With precision, your Presley will then move the spoon towards her mouth.
Occassionally your Presley will abandon the spoon and use her fingers. Do not be alarmed, this is normal behavior.
You may see some splattering on your Presley's face. This can be washed off with a clean damp cloth at the end of the feeding session.
Just watch as your Presley powers through her bowl of cereal......

....right down to the last drop!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Prayers needed for a family in China!!

There is a family in China right now whose new daughter is in the hospital. Her family is so very worried about her and need to get her to the states ASAP!! That can be very difficult when you are dealing with 2 different countries, immigration laws etc. Their blog is http://www.roomforatleastonemore.blogspot.com/. She is an adorable little girl and doesn't look as sick in the pictures as she really is. Though our situations are not exactly the same, we do know what it is like for an adoption to not go as planned and to have your hopes and dreams for your daughter shattered. Please keep this family and little Susannah in your prayers!!

First "twins" casualty

Check out what the "twins" were up to today. I was in the other room working (I do medical transcription from home) when this happened. I didn't even notice it until after I had put Landon down for a nap. I'm fairly new to kid destruction. Kendall and Carson have never been ones to break their toys or ruin things. Looks like things might change here in our household! I would hate to think what would happen if they got a hold of markers! If anyone is going to Ikea in the next couple of months, let me know. I need a new door!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

New hair bows

I bought some bows today to show off Presley's teeny tiny ponytail. I think they work perfect!! I know the yellow doesn't go with what she is wearing, but you get the idea!!

Thing 1 and Thing 2

Landon and Presley are starting to really play together. Sometimes I will hear them in another room just laughing about something. I can already tell they are going to get into MAJOR trouble together!! Landon's hair is cracking me up. It is starting to get long in the back and right on top, but he still has no hair on the sides. He already looked like a little old man, now he looks like a little old man with a receding hairline!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Life of a Big Brother

Being a big brother is really tough. I know what you're thinking: "You are so cute!! Life can't be all that bad." Well some days just don't go my way! Like today when I was having some diaper trouble.......

Lately I've been waking up really early. I don't know why or what the problem is with my waking up early, but my mom doesn't really like it. This morning I woke up singing at 5:30 and was ready to hit the town. But by about 10:00 this morning I had had it!!

See that girl right there? That's my little sister. For some crazy reason, mom and dad went to China this summer and this is what they came back with!! So this morning I was taking my nice little snooze on the floor.

That little sister of mine decided that she wanted to give me a kiss. Isn't that sweet!!!

Until she changed her mind and decided to bulldoze me instead.

Then she proceeded to crawl right over the top of me.

The little pest woke me up!! And where was my mother you may ask?? She was standing right there with with a camera in her face. Yep, being a big brother really has its bad days.

I Just Love This Face!!!

I took Presley to the doctor yesterday. She is now 16 months old and 24 pounds! She is on 50-75th percentile for her weight and 95th for her height. I had to ask the doctor how to feed her since I have never had a baby that eats continually!! She said that since she is tall, she is going to eat a lot and to keep feeding her!!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sunday pics


I took Presley to the dentist on Tuesday. He is a pediatric dentist that has done lots of work with cleft kiddos. He said that her teeth look very healthy. He has seen lots of kids from China whose teeth were in terrible shape. So it looks like her birth mom had good nutrition when she was pregnant and she was cared for well in her foster home (which is obvious)!! He said the only thing we will have to watch is that she has a front tooth coming in crooked (you can't see it unless you lift up her lip) and it sits behind her lower teeth. Not a big deal right now though. He said she probably has permanent teeth up there and she will have xrays during her next visit in 6 months to see if she does have them. When she is around 6 she will have surgery where they will take some bone (probably from her hip) and graft it into her gumline. Once she has bone there, her permanent teeth will come down. Pretty cool huh! If she doesn't have permanent teeth, they will put in some fake teeth or rearrange the teeth she does have to fill in the gaps.

Kendall went upstairs this morning to entertain Presley for me when she woke up. I came up to see her in this hat and she was rockin' out to Kidz Bop with her big sister!! Too cute!!!

Presley's Adoption Timeline

  • 8/15/2007 - Received referral for Geneva!
  • 9/13/2007 - Sent LOI (letter of intent) to our agency
  • 9/29/2007 - LOI was sent to China!
  • 10/08/2007 - LOI was delivered to the CCAA in China
  • 10/29/2007 - PA (pre-approval) was issued!!
  • 1/15/2008 - DTC (dossier to China)
  • 1/18/2008 - Dossier delivered to CCAA
  • 1/25/2008 - LID (log-in date)
  • 4/1/2008 - LOA (letter of acceptance)
  • 4/25/2008 - CCAA issues TA (travel approval)
  • 5/22/2008 - Leave for China!!!
  • 5/25/2008 - Met our sweet Lexi!
  • 5/26/2008 - Discovered Lexi had brain damage
  • 5/30/2008 - Met precious Presley!
  • 6/7/2008 - Arrived home

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