Thursday, May 07, 2009

Toddlers can be gross - even if they are quite cute!!

Presley has had HORRIBLE breath for the last 3 or 4 days. I have been brushing her teeth like crazy and checking the cleft in her gumline. Today I was researching bad breath in children on the internet. This doctor said that once his son stuffed 5 peas up his nose and had horrible breath. Hmmmm.......I took a peek up Presley's nose on her cleft side where her nostril is more caved in and harder to see up. I saw a little something that I thought might be a booger. I pulled on it and out came a piece of toilet paper about the size of a grape! GROSS!!!! I'm glad it didn't go all the way in. I have found her taking small pieces of tp and putting them in her nose. I try to stop her, but I guess I didn't stop this one. I wonder if there could be more stuffed up in her sinuses? YUCK!!


DawnS said...

Oh yeck!!! Lucky thing you found that before it really got nasty! Rylee used to try to eat TP when she first came home - I think I always caught her but who knows really.

Gwen said...

Hmmmm. Jason has bad breath sometimes... maybe I should do some checking!

Jill said...

LOL! I used to do that as a toddler I guess....
Bless her heart!! Has the smell gone away......?

Donna said...

Oh no! Glad you found the tp. We pulled a wad of gunk out of Gwen's ear a few months ago. It was the size of a jelly bean and I was absolutely stunned that it was in there. She didn't put it there though. It just accumulated over time.


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