Sunday, March 01, 2009

Ready or not????

On Friday Presley really wanted to sit on the potty. She had never sat on it before. She sat right up there, not scared at all! After a while I asked her if she wanted to get down. She shook her head and said "NO!!" I asked her a few more times and then just sat on the floor and waited for her bum to get sore!! I heard what really did sound like a little tinkle and then Presley did the sign for "all done" and said "all done." Then she clapped for herself and got off!! WHAT???? Did she really do what I thought she did?? Is it possible for a 22-month-old who has never sat on the potty before to go potty on the first try?? I have never even tried to potty train my kids until they were at least 3. But she is now pointing to her diaper and saying "poo poo" when it is dirty. And she has also figured out how to pull down her pants. I think she is just going to potty train herself!!!


ellie said...

Yeah Presley! Cute photo:) My Isabella (now 10.5) turned 24 months and told us "NO MORE DIAPERS!" I'm like you and wait until 3 years and then they don't have to be "trained" LOL! Bella took off her diaper and never wore it again - and only had one accident! When they are ready they know it! YEAH for you, one less baby in diapers soon!!!

DawnS said...

Yay Presley!!! That is amazing and wonderful :) Love her shoes too!

Waitingfaithfully said...

Good job Presley! Love the piggies too! May there be many tinkles (where tinkles belong) in the days ahead!



Heather BT said...

All right!

Jodi said...

way to go Presley!

AZAlgers said...

Yeah!!!! I love it. How great for you!! Rachel was almost that good, totally done by 2 1/2. The others... not so much. Emily used to go over and kick the potty chair when I'd ask her to use it. I'm hopping Caleb will be easy and then I'll be done with diapers!!!

Jill said...

Tell Presley "you go girl" :-)
+ Jill M.

Just Me said...

Amy ... I say let her go for it. Our fourth child potty trained herself at WAY too young of an age for me .... no joke by her first birthday. We had a potty seat for her sister and she had been walking since 10 months and she just started going in to go potty and would bring me the clean diaper. My friend bought her underwear for her first birthday knowing what had been happening. We continued to do the clean diaper thing until Christmas (about 6 weeks) when I finally gave into the underwear! It just seemed so odd to me that she was potty training herself!

Yea Presley!!!!!

Blessings, Lisa C.

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