Sunday, April 05, 2009

I Heart Faces - Friends


JUDGES: The whole picture can be found here I am having issues trying to resize my pictures on my blog!! But I'm having someone do a blog makeover for me so it should be better soon! Thanks!

This weeks theme at I Heart Faces is "My Friend and I." I took this picture back in October right before Miss M (the adorable redhead!!) moved to Utah. These are 2 of Kendall's very best friends. We had a fun evening painting pumpkins and of course a girl party wouldn't be complete without singing and dancing to High School Musical!!


Natalie said...

i love how bright the colors are! :D

ellie said...

cute :) and I love your note to the judges!!! funny!

Jenn said...

I love it! If only my kids would do this for me.

Jodi said...


Melinda said...

Love the excitement in their faces!! Great job capturing their personalities!

Melinda B

Donna said...

Beautiful photo! I also noticed that your photos are pixelated on your blog. I don't know why this is. It's almost like your blog setting only allow a smaller image and you're forcing it to be larger. What happens if you post a smaller image? Also, have you changed your template lately and then noticed the pixelation?

Since flickr photos are hosted on flickr, you might try sending the image to your blog from there. Not sure that would help but you never know!


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Donna said...

Okay, I just noticed that you do send your photos to your blog from flickr. It might be a conflict between your flickr settings and your blog settings.

What happens if you uploat the photo to your blog from blogger?

Our blog: Double Happiness!

Catherine said...

Oh I just love this! How sweet and the colors are wonderful!

Caroline said...

cute picture :)
Try posting to you blog from blogger itself and select 'large'. I use blogger and my photos don't pixelate, but I seem to remember on the few occassions I did send from flikr that they got automatically resized and lost quality.

~~tonya~~ said...

Great picture!!

DawnS said...

This is such a great picture. Kendall is so beautiful!

ellie said...


I do post from flickr. I click "all sizes" and then I cut and paste the code for the large size into my post, I don't email them. If you are currently emailing them you could try the cut and paste method instead?

I do love this photo!

drewmark19 said...

First of all...I love the photo. The girls' expressions are so fun and the perspective you took the photo from really works!

I have a totally different suggestion for you. If you use Windows, you could use LiveWriter. It's free software where you author your blog on your computer. You put the pictures into your blog entry right then and there (pick the size, picture borders, etc.) Since I've started using that, it has been so much easier because I don't have to worry about dealing with flickr addresses and the software keeps the photos quality. If you have Mac, though, you're out of luck since it's a Microsoft product. I hear they're not to keen on Mac. :) hee..hee...

Serious, though, LiveWriter is the best thing I've discovered in a long time. An absolute time saver!!D85741BB5E0BE8AA!1650.entry

Becca said...

What a fun, beautiful, colorful picture! You did a great job capturing the friendship! :-) Love it!

Jodi said...

If you move to SA - you will be able to hear Jorja's solo!
LOL :)

Seriously, we would love you back home!!!

~jodi sue:)

K said...

Very awesome picture! I really like it!

drewmark19 said...

Back again! :) LiveWriter works with blogger and even some other blogs. When you download it, you can set it up for any blogs that you author. I currently have 3 of them connected to LiveWriter. There is a tab that allows you to choose which blog you want to add to. When you have it on that blog, it will have imported all the basic settings like column width, background color, default settings, etc. After you author the blog, you click "publish", and it will upload the blog right to blogger. (or you can save it on your computer to publish later, schedule it to publish at a certain time, save as a draft on blogger, etc.) Hope this helps!

Thanks for the complement on my blog. I feel like an absolute amateur next to the pictures you take. They are beautiful. I really enjoy the creative perspectives you have in your photos.

Steph said...

Hi Amy! Love your pictures. Sorry I haven't visited lately. Time to catch up on my blogging!

Stephenie (mom to 5 including Grace from Sha'anxi)

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